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For the purpose of the collection, storage, and careful transportation of old electrical appliances, the company Waizinger from Dietach near Steyr developed three different equipment carriers, a roll-off container express and a roll-off container event.


The equipment carriers GT 800 / GT 1200 and GT 160 ensure a weatherproof and cargo-secured collection of electrical appliances. Special attention was given to the cargo securing of the appliances at the inside of the equipment carriers, since the collected appliances must under no circumstances be damaged during interim storage or transport to a processing plant.
All equipment carriers are provided with a hinged wall and a lid which makes the loading of bigger appliances, such as washing machines, much easier. Folding-up floors inside the equipment carriers also make storage more flexible. A mechanical empty-full report provides constant information about whether the equipment carrier still has capacity or not. The equipment carriers are stackable and with the use of a pallet truck or lift truck easy to transport and move around.


This roll-off container with a cargo-secured carrier was developed for the efficient transport of equipment carriers. With the Re-Use Express, equipment carriers can be transported at long distances between regional disposal businesses both space-saving and economically by means of telehoist load luggers.


For making collection in the municipality easier, an innovative solution was found with the Re-Use Event. This roll-off container is equipped with the different equipment carriers and therefore offers a quick and people-oriented collection in the municipalities. Several relocations within the municipality on one day are easily manageable.